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No More Mr. Lonely: How Sense of Purpose Protects against Loneliness in Older Adults

Researchers have found evidence that, for older adults, having a sense of purpose in life can act as a barrier against loneliness and its detrimental effects.


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New Activity Measure Shows Potential to Assess Mobility in Older Adults
, Aging at Home, General Aging Research

The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society published a study that demonstrates the feasibility of using non-invasive, “off the shelf” mobile technology to monitor the…

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Aging and Personality
, General Aging Research

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has shed new light on how personality traits change as we get older. Over…

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Measuring Person-Centered Caregiving

Person-centered care has become the dominant model for dementia care in the US and UK. This model emphasizes that older adults who are receiving care…

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Clinical Trials Fail to Sufficiently Represent Older Adults

Older adults use the highest proportion of medical and pharmaceutical treatment, but are vastly underrepresented in clinical trial research. A recent review of publications based…

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Study Raises Questions about Screening Older Adults for Mental Health at ER
, Cognitive Health

Psychiatric disorders often go underdiagnosed, particularly among older adults. Because of the difficulties in screening older adults for psychiatric disorders, whether through visits to primary…

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Upcoming Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging Programs
, Uncategorized

Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging has several upcoming workshops and webinars that may be of interest to AIA readers. Two workshops are taking place, in…

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UCLA Center for Health Policy Research: Older Adults with Disabilities Rely on Public Services

A recent study and policy note from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research (Kietzman et al 2011) provides some needed context for discussions about…

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Managing the Transition to Post-Acute and Long Term Care

Transitions to long-term care, assisted living, and other supportive living options are often made in difficult conditions, under the financial and time pressure that follows…

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Culture Change: Gains for Residents and Providers
, Operational Resources, Operations, Senior Housing

Long-term care communities are undergoing innovative changes in order to improve the quality of life of their residents. “Culture change” is an example of a…

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E-Health Promotion in the U.S. & the EU
, Electronic Health (e-Health), News Headlines

Many analysts argue that e-health not only holds promise as a means of making health care more affordable and broadly available, but that it also…

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Medication Beliefs & Adherence Among Older Adults: New Longitudinal Findings
, Care Quality, Health & Wellness

Previous studies of medication adherence have contributed important findings about the health behaviors of older adults. We know that medication adherence is more likely if…

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Pew Research Study: Technology and Americans with Disabilities
, Newsworthy

A Pew Research study shows that even when the contribution of age and other demographic factors are considered, Americans with a disability are less likely…

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