Culture Transformation

The Importance of Social Relations When Considering Older Consumers

Scholars in marketing and sociology have examined how the consumption of goods and services is a factor in how people construct their social identity. This…

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Nursing Homes in Print News Media: Mostly Negative Coverage

There is a perception that the public has generally negative views of nursing homes (NHs), which is likely to be influenced by their portrayal in…

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Turn, Turn, Turn: A Circular Model for Culture Change Education

The group circle has not been a particularly fashionable structure for holding meetings between adults. In the U.S., sitting in a circle is chiefly reserved…

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Evidence for the Patient-Centered Model of Care

A recent brief in the Journal of the American Medical Association argues that the patient-centered model is gaining international evidence and support. The brief cites…

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Assessing Pain in Dementia Patients

Individuals with moderate-to-severe dementia have difficulty in reporting pain to caregivers and other care providers. Because of this, a number of observational pain assessment measures…

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Assessing the Quality of Life of People with Dementia: A Marriage of Research, Practice, and Technology

Researchers and practitioners require reliable and valid methods for measuring the quality of life (QOL) of people with dementia to assess the impact of interventions,…

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Person-Centered Care May Contribute to Job Satisfaction

Many studies have shown the benefits of person-centered care for long-term care residents. By emphasizing the value of the patient’s feelings and sense of self…

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Participatory Action Research for Culture Change

The culture change movement brought a much-needed emphasis on the dignity and humanity of those receiving long-term care. Research has identified many outcomes of culture…

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Establishing a Person-Centered Culture in a VA Nursing Home

The Veterans Administration has taken up the model of person-centered care, asking administrators throughout its health care system to modify their facilities and train their…

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Measuring Person-Centered Caregiving

Person-centered care has become the dominant model for dementia care in the US and UK. This model emphasizes that older adults who are receiving care…

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Person Centered Care: An Important Part of Health Reform Initiatives

In Long Term Care, the buzzword for some time has been about Person Centered Care (PCC). Now PCC practices (outlined here) are catching on as…

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From Clinical Care Facilities to Person-Centered Homes: Is Continued Change Possible?

Thanks to a broad coalition of resident advocates, human services organizations, and nursing professionals, the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act marked what we may even…

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