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Mather Institute was created to conduct research for senior living and community-residing older adults. Through national initiatives, surveys, and research studies, the Institute has provided valuable information to senior living communities and others that serve older adults in a variety of areas, including effective approaches to brain health, ways to enhance resilience, and successful employee wellness programs.

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Our Team

Our researchers share a passion for understanding aging issues and supporting senior living professionals.

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Current Research

The research initiatives the Institute is conducting today will help shape the senior living industry of tomorrow.

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Our Partners

Our researchers collaborate with experts from universities around the country to conduct and publish impactful studies for the senior living industry.

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Mission and Values

Mather Institute is dedicated to creating Ways to Age Well for older adults. This is achieved by conducting and sharing research that supports and grows the efforts of senior living and aging services professionals.

What is Mather?

Mather is a non-denominational not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving older adults. Founded in 1941 by humanitarian Alonzo Mather, we have a long history of creating Ways to Age Well.SM Today, our efforts are transforming the lives of thousands of older adults through award-winning programs, gathering places, and residences.