Partners and Collaborationsfor aging services research
and industry innovations

Working together to improve our industry and to change lives

Mather Institute has partnered with a number of community organizations, academic institutions, health care organizations, and corporations in research and education endeavors. Through national initiatives, surveys, and research studies, these partnerships help to shape programs and practices for senior living communities and others that serve older adults.

Just a few of our recent projects and partnerships

Northwestern University

Partnering on a longitudinal study to understand the impact living in a Life Plan Community has on residents’ health and well-being.

UC Santa Cruz & Middlebury College

Assessing levels of motivations for solitude, loneliness, and social interaction of Life Plan Community residents and examining the relationship between motivations for solitude and resident wellness.

Virginia Tech & Wake Forest

Implementing and testing a wellness coaching program for residents of senior living communities.

University of Illinois Chicago & University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Testing the use of physical activity and mindfulness programs among residents of Life Plan Communities using Google Home Mini.


Washington University in St. Louis

Examining the relationship between hope and healthy behaviors and how that relationship may differ between different demographic groups.

Arizona State University & Cornell

Producing a new tool to measure happiness at a community level.


Conducting a survey on purpose in life among older adults in Chicagoland to examine how leisure activities and volunteering relate to purpose in life.

UC Davis Gerontology Medical Center

Exploring how South Asian Older Adults view aging and identifying ways to support their needs and interests. This is part of a larger multi-year series that examines how different racial and ethnic groups define and experience positive aging.