Partners and Collaborationsfor aging services research
and industry innovations

Working together to improve our industry and to change lives

Mather Institute has partnered with a number of community organizations, academic institutions, health care organizations, and corporations in research and education endeavors. Through national initiatives, surveys, and research studies, these partnerships help to shape programs and practices for senior living communities and others that serve older adults.

Just a few of our recent projects and partnerships


Partnered on research to develop and test an activity designed to change older adults’ perceptions of aging (Upcoming report: Life Lessons and How to Savor Them: Creating Positive Perceptions of Aging in Older Adults).

UC Berkeley

Partnered for research on Examination of Non-participation in the Villages Model (examining the reasons for non-participation in Village programs).

Partnered on 2016 National Survey of US Villages

University of Arizona

Partnered in pilot study of Project THRIVE: Promoting an emotionally safe, supportive, and inclusive environment in Independent and Assisted Living.

Michigan State

Partnered for research in The Role of Emotional Labor in Employee Engagement and Satisfaction: focuses on developing a training to help staff handle internal emotional challenges that can occur while interacting with residents.


National Investment Center

Partners in publishing the annual Seniors Housing & Care Journal

UC San Diego

Partnering for a study to determine the effectiveness of a positive psychological intervention to enhance older adults’ resilience and well-being.

Colorado State University

Partnering to investigate if employment in old age boosts neurocognitive health in aging, or is a stressor, related to suboptimal neurocognitive outcomes.

NORC at the University of Chicago

Partnering in a project aimed at reconceptualizing positive aging to support older Latino adults.

Northwestern University

Partnering on a longitudinal study to understand the impact living in a Life Plan Community has on residents’ health and well-being.