The Recession, Debt, & the Work Environment: Impacts on Retirement
, Newsworthy, Retirement, The Aging Workforce

Retirement planning is influenced by a wide range of individual and social factors. Personal preferences, cultural expectations, large-scale economic climates, and household debt and assets…

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Aging Research in France: Emerging Trends in a Changing Europe

Attention to aging policies, demographic trends, and research findings in other countries can provide researchers and policy makers with valuable perspectives. A recent International Spotlight…

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A Possible Biomarker for Alzheimer’s Disease
, Cognitive Health, Newsworthy

A group of researchers at Johns Hopkins University, the Mayo Clinic, and Columbia University may have found a biomarker (or a measurable, identifiable indicator) that…

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Pew Research Study: Technology and Americans with Disabilities
, Newsworthy

A Pew Research study shows that even when the contribution of age and other demographic factors are considered, Americans with a disability are less likely…

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Updated Clinical Practice Guidelines for Fall Prevention
, Care Quality, Falls Reduction, Newsworthy

An article in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society summarizes the updated (2010) American Geriatrics Society/ British Geriatrics Society Clinical Practice Guideline for Prevention…

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Current research on falls prevention: the efficacy of falls reduction programs
, Falls Reduction, Health & Wellness, Newsworthy

Many recent research articles show that comprehensive assessment and prevention programs are useful ways to reduce falls and related injuries for older adults, in community,…

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Older Adult’s First Book to be Released By Major Publisher
, News Headlines, Newsworthy

Granta magazine, a literary publication based in the UK, publishes quarterly collections of short stories and literary journalism. For its upcoming issue, Granta: Pakistan, editor…

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State and Federal Funds to Help Older Adults Get Online
, Newsworthy

There was an interesting press release lately from the State of Illinois, about collaboration between the State other government, education, and industry groups. The collaborative…

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