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No More Mr. Lonely: How Sense of Purpose Protects against Loneliness in Older Adults

Researchers have found evidence that, for older adults, having a sense of purpose in life can act as a barrier against loneliness and its detrimental effects.


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InvestigAge is an online resource for industry experts, by industry experts, featuring curated and condensed research findings from 2010 to late 2023 covering a broad cross-section of research on aging.


Aging, Health, and Culture: Two Recent Studies

Two recent articles in the Journal of Gerontology examine culture and its role in assessing well-being. Each article, one published in the Social Science section…

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Current research on falls prevention: the efficacy of falls reduction programs
, Falls Reduction, Health & Wellness, Newsworthy

Many recent research articles show that comprehensive assessment and prevention programs are useful ways to reduce falls and related injuries for older adults, in community,…

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Current research on falls prevention: what are the influences and consequences of falls?
, Falls Reduction, Health & Wellness, Spotlight on Mather LifeWays

November provided abundant information about falls and falls reduction. Following is an overview of some recent publications on the prevalence, correlates, and consequences of falls.…

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Rethinking Clinicians’ Understanding of Culture in Treating Older Adults
, Health & Wellness, Person Centered Care

A recent Journal of the American Geriatric Society article shows that, among the medical fields, an improved understanding of culture is particularly important in geriatrics.…

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Interviewing Residents on the Decision to Relocate to Nursing Homes

One of the strengths of interview research, and other qualitative methodologies, is that we can empirically study the significance of events to individuals. Quantitative research,…

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Examining the Role that Caregivers Play in the Decision to Move to Assisted Living

Researchers at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte recently published results from a study that examined the family caregiver’s experiences while moving relatives with Alzheimer’s…

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Encouraging Better Standards for Medication Use by Older Adults
, Health & Wellness, Person Centered Care

The Journal of the American Medical Association features two pieces that address medication use among older adults. One is a commentary by Dr. Jerry Avorn,…

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ADA Encourages Less-Restrictive Diet Options for Older Adults in Health Care Communities

“Food nourishes the spirit as well as the body.” That might sound like something you’d hear from your favorite, and not quite diet-friendly, restaurant, but…

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Reviewing Patient Centered Medical Home Demonstration Projects
, Operational Resources, Operations, Senior Housing

Researchers at Harvard Medical School recently published a review of Patient Medical Home Demonstration projects (PCMH) that have been occurring throughout the country. The goal…

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Person Centered Care: An Important Part of Health Reform Initiatives

In Long Term Care, the buzzword for some time has been about Person Centered Care (PCC). Now PCC practices (outlined here) are catching on as…

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Older Adult’s First Book to be Released By Major Publisher
, News Headlines, Newsworthy

Granta magazine, a literary publication based in the UK, publishes quarterly collections of short stories and literary journalism. For its upcoming issue, Granta: Pakistan, editor…

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From Clinical Care Facilities to Person-Centered Homes: Is Continued Change Possible?

Thanks to a broad coalition of resident advocates, human services organizations, and nursing professionals, the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act marked what we may even…

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