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No More Mr. Lonely: How Sense of Purpose Protects against Loneliness in Older Adults

Researchers have found evidence that, for older adults, having a sense of purpose in life can act as a barrier against loneliness and its detrimental effects.


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The Impact of the Housing Bust on Baby Boomer Wealth
, Development & Financing, Financing, Senior Housing

The housing market collapse has impacted many lives over the past three years. It has been estimated that more than $10 trillion in household wealth…

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Relaxation and music: a short-term remedy for postoperative pain?
, Health & Wellness

According to a recent article in Nursing Research (Good et al. 2010), music may prove useful for managing post-operative pain. A study involved 517 participants…

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Decrease the anxiety of nursing home residents with dementia by playing their favorite music
, Cognitive Health

Earlier this year, the Journal of Clinical Nursing published a study (Sung et al. 2010) about the potential for music to reduce anxiety in older…

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State and Federal Funds to Help Older Adults Get Online
, Newsworthy

There was an interesting press release lately from the State of Illinois, about collaboration between the State other government, education, and industry groups. The collaborative…

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Deciding Not to Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance
, Development & Financing, Financing, Senior Housing

A new qualitative study conducted by researchers at Yale University outlines the reasons why many people opt not to purchase long-term care insurance. Many states…

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Evaluating Employee Turnover in Home and Hospice Care

The number of home and community based services for older adults have grown tremendously over the past 20 years. This has occurred because of a…

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Quality of Work Life and Intention to Retire among Older Employees

New research has found an association between an individual’s quality of work life and the age they retire. A European based study examined 6836 participants,…

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The Landscape of Retirement Continues to Change

A new research brief published by the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire, adds to mounting evidence that retirement patterns are shifting dramatically.…

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New Research Examines Health Literacy and Computer Usage of Low-Income Adults
, Health & Wellness

Internet use and access has increased immensely over the past 15 years. In 1995, 15% of households had internet access. In 2008 this number rose…

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Will Moving Later in Life Impact Your Health? It Depends…

Researchers at Syracuse University recently published a report outlining the diverse impact that moving has on older adults. This study builds on previous research that…

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Study Finds Early Retirees At Greater Mortality Risk

A United States based study sought out to assess whether the age at which a person retires impacts the length of their life. The current…

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The Factors Driving Staff Burnout in Long Term Care
, Operational Resources, Operations, Senior Housing

Researchers in Virginia recently conducted a study of assisted living facilities in their area in order to understand worker burnout. Despite a lot of research…

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