Quality of Work Life and Intention to Retire among Older Employees

New research has found an association between an individual’s quality of work life and the age they retire. A European based study examined 6836 participants, aged 50-65, and assessed the retirement intentions of participants and their job satisfaction.

This study indicates that nearly half of participants had thought about leaving their job as soon as possible. Thoughts of leaving a job early were more likely to be found in individuals that were living in a low socioeconomic status (SES) and indicated low levels of job-related well-being. Individuals between 55 and 59 were the most likely to think about retirement.

Employers who seek to retain highly skilled and experienced employees must focus on quality of worklife issues in their organization; otherwise, they run the risk of losing a valuable team members prematurely.

Source: Siegrist, J., Wahrendorf, M., et al. Quality of Work, Well-Being, and Intended Early Retirement of Older Employees-Baseline Results from the SHARE Study. European Journal of Public Health, 17, 1, 62-68.

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