Retirement & Workforce Aging

Want to Reduce Chronic Inflammation? Volunteer!
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Inflammation is just a disease thing, right? And aren’t productive activities just ways that one may choose to spend one’s time? On the surface, there…

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The “New” American Family: Implications for Retirement, Finances, and Future Care

What was once considered the “traditional” American family consisting of a married couple with children is no longer the norm. According to the 2010 Census,…

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Best Cities for Successful Aging

In an effort to improve the lives of aging Americans, the Milken Institute has assembled a listing of the Best Cities in America for successful…

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Health & Financial Literacy: Important Foundations for Decision-Making

Researchers at the Rush University Medical Center examined the influence of health and financial literacy on decision-making ability among community-dwelling older adults without dementia. Their…

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Positive and Negative Perceptions of Older Workers

As a growing number of older adults find themselves looking for work, it is important to understand how older adults are viewed and treated in…

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Employment and Aging: Using Large Scale Data To Ask, “Who Works?”

The so-called Great Recession has changed how Americans view work, and not just due to our 10% unemployment rate. Attacks on social security and pensions,…

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Why Older Workers are Struggling to Find Work

Researchers at Sloan Center on Aging and Work at Boston College recently released a research brief outlining the employment challenges faced by adults 55 years…

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Quality of Work Life and Intention to Retire among Older Employees

New research has found an association between an individual’s quality of work life and the age they retire. A European based study examined 6836 participants,…

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The Landscape of Retirement Continues to Change

A new research brief published by the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire, adds to mounting evidence that retirement patterns are shifting dramatically.…

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Study Finds Early Retirees At Greater Mortality Risk

A United States based study sought out to assess whether the age at which a person retires impacts the length of their life. The current…

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Report from the MetLIfe Emerging Retirement Model Study

MetLife recently published a report detailing the results of their survey of employers’ concerns regarding the issues they face related to the retirement of a…

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Managing Age Discrimination When Seeking Employment

A new qualitative study examines the age-management techniques used to combat potential age discrimination by older job seekers. The fact that the workforce is aging…

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