Social/Environmental/Economic Determinants of Health

Hurricane Evacuation: Its Impact on Nursing Home Residents with Dementia

Natural disasters challenge any organization that must put evacuation plans in place to move those who are vulnerable. Recent research suggests that those with dementia…

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Best Cities for Successful Aging

In an effort to improve the lives of aging Americans, the Milken Institute has assembled a listing of the Best Cities in America for successful…

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The Importance of Neighborhood Quality for People with Chronic Illness

The quality of one’s social and physical environment has an important influence on well-being, particularly for older adults with a chronic illness. Neighborhood characteristics—such as…

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Air Pollution & Cognitive Decline

Researchers who study cognitive decline are working to identify modifiable risk factors and other ways of reducing or delaying dementia. Epidemiological research has suggested that…

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Aging in (a Nice New) Place

A truism has developed within the senior housing industry over the last couple of decades: older adults want to age in place. This is a…

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Early Life Experience & Successful Aging

Proponents of the “successful aging” model argue that later-life aging should be viewed as more than a process of physical and cognitive decline. The successful…

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Neighborhood Walkability, Income and Physical Activity

Low physical activity is a risk factor for a variety of functional impairments and health problems. Older adults are at particular risk for physical inactivity…

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Rural Challenges to Active Aging

Older adults living in rural areas of the United States encounter particular challenges as they Age Well. Larger distances, fewer transportation options, and limited access…

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Mental Health Benefits of Neighborhood for Older Mexican American Men

For all the positive steps we can take for our health—exercise, social engagement, diet—much of our wellbeing is out of our control. A growing body…

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Examining the Social Environment’s Impact on Food Intake By Older Adults

Recent research indicates that the social environment plays an important role in the amount of food we eat. Although a number of similar studies have…

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Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging

A forward-looking, well-reasoned report entitled “Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging: With a Closer look at Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Diseases” recently was issued jointly by the…

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