Aging at Home

When Does an Older Adult’s Minor Injury Predict Functional Decline?
, Aging at Home, Health & Wellness

For older adults, the potential for decline in the ability to carry out daily tasks after even minor injuries is a concern. Knowing what might…

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Technology & Social Connections for Rural Older Adults
, Aging at Home

Researchers are exploring the use of laptop and table computers to enhance the social connectedness of older adults in rural South Australia. The researchers are…

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In-Home, Coordinated Care Management for Aging in Place
, Aging at Home, Care Quality

Many older adults prefer to age in place even in the face of frailty or other serious health concerns. A forthcoming article reports on a…

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How Can Villages & Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities Support Aging in Place?
, Aging at Home

A recent article in the Journal of Aging Studies draws from the available research on the two most prominent community-focused models to promote aging in…

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Home Care Agencies Vary Widely in Caregiver Hiring, Screening & Supervision
, Aging at Home, Care Quality, Caregiving

Home care agencies are often used to help older adults stay in their homes after physical or cognitive decline. In fact, home health aide work…

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Building Evidence for the “Village” Model of Aging in Place
, Aging at Home, Neighborhood Context & Health

The so-called “Village” model is a promising approach to aging in place. Based on Boston’s Beacon Hill Village, which began in 2001, these co-operative, consumer-driven…

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How Older Adults Respond to Heat
, Aging at Home

Periods of extreme heat, such as the summer of 2011, have proven to be dangerous for vulnerable older adults. This is particularly true for those…

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New Activity Measure Shows Potential to Assess Mobility in Older Adults
, Aging at Home, General Aging Research

The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society published a study that demonstrates the feasibility of using non-invasive, “off the shelf” mobile technology to monitor the…

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