The Positive Effects of Internet Usage in Older Adults
, Technology

New research suggests that time spent perusing the Internet may actually reduce the probability of depression in older adults by as much as 33 percent.…

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Subtypes of Older Adults on the Internet
, Ageism in Research, Older Adult Consumers

Older adults are the fastest-growing segment of computer and Internet users, but little is known about this segment of users. Are older adult Internet users…

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Technology & Social Connections for Rural Older Adults
, Aging at Home

Researchers are exploring the use of laptop and table computers to enhance the social connectedness of older adults in rural South Australia. The researchers are…

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Can World of Warcraft Improve Cognitive Ability?
, Cognitive Health

In the past few years, there have been exciting and promising studies involving interventions for improved cognitive performance. Some researchers hope that such interventions will…

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Seeking Health Information May Contribute to (or Complicate) Healthy Aging
, Electronic Health (e-Health)

Due in part to increasing Internet use by agencies, medical clinics, and users of all age groups, there is a new wealth of health information…

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How News Websites Convey Cognition & Aging Issues
, Cognitive Health, Electronic Health (e-Health)

Online news media significantly influences the public’s understanding of aging. This is particularly true of the cognitive aspects of aging, as over half of Americans…

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Using YouTube for Reminiscence Therapy (RT)
, Caregiving, Electronic Health (e-Health)

Reminiscence Therapy (RT) is a popular psychosocial intervention used with dementia patients enacted in a group setting. RT involves discussion of past experiences, often facilitated…

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VA Study Suggests Older Adults Interested in E-Health
, Electronic Health (e-Health)

Past studies suggest older adults have been using the Internet more frequently as a source for health information. Surveys from the Pew Internet and American…

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Older Adults Seeking Online Health Information: Initial Findings on What, Why, and How They Search
, Electronic Health (e-Health)

Research regarding Internet use among older adults seeking health information is still relatively new. A recent ethnographic study (Harrod, 2011) was conducted in the United…

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Fun & Games in Older Adults’ Online Communities
, Cognitive Health, General Aging Research

Older adults are usually overlooked in the online entertainment world; by and large, online gaming and entertainment is marketed to the adolescent and young adult…

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E-Health Promotion in the U.S. & the EU
, Electronic Health (e-Health), News Headlines

Many analysts argue that e-health not only holds promise as a means of making health care more affordable and broadly available, but that it also…

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Pew Research Study: Technology and Americans with Disabilities
, Newsworthy

A Pew Research study shows that even when the contribution of age and other demographic factors are considered, Americans with a disability are less likely…

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