Aging & Social Factors

Successful Aging and Longevity in Older Women

A recent study published in Journal of Aging Research uncovered additional support for the “successful aging” theory as well as new findings on the impact…

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Positive and Negative Perceptions of Older Workers

As a growing number of older adults find themselves looking for work, it is important to understand how older adults are viewed and treated in…

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Rural Challenges to Active Aging

Older adults living in rural areas of the United States encounter particular challenges as they Age Well. Larger distances, fewer transportation options, and limited access…

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Unmarried Cohabitating Partners: A Growing Caregiver Population

As the population of older adults in need of care continues to rise, more informal care work is provided by family and friends. Evidence has…

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The Evidence-Practice Gap: Drug Trials & Older Patients

Older adults are underrepresented as subjects in drug trial, and this is particularly true for older adults with chronic disease, who represent a rapidly growing…

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Mental Health Benefits of Neighborhood for Older Mexican American Men

For all the positive steps we can take for our health—exercise, social engagement, diet—much of our wellbeing is out of our control. A growing body…

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Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging Identifies 10 Senior Living Trends

Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging derived 10 top senior living trends after surveying 600 senior living organizations representing more than 1,000 communities from 15 states.…

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Clinical Trials Fail to Sufficiently Represent Older Adults

Older adults use the highest proportion of medical and pharmaceutical treatment, but are vastly underrepresented in clinical trial research. A recent review of publications based…

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Employment and Aging: Using Large Scale Data To Ask, “Who Works?”

The so-called Great Recession has changed how Americans view work, and not just due to our 10% unemployment rate. Attacks on social security and pensions,…

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Why Older Workers are Struggling to Find Work

Researchers at Sloan Center on Aging and Work at Boston College recently released a research brief outlining the employment challenges faced by adults 55 years…

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Gender and Aging: What Do We Know?

The popular science press hosts countless reports of sex-based differences between men and women. Magazines, weekend newspapers and email inboxes teem with commentary about statistically…

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Aging, Health, and Culture: Two Recent Studies

Two recent articles in the Journal of Gerontology examine culture and its role in assessing well-being. Each article, one published in the Social Science section…

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