Roscoe Nicholson

A Closer Examination of the Increased Risk for Coronary Heart Disease & Stroke among the Overweight & Obese
, Uncategorized

Being obese or overweight has been associated with greater risk of coronary heart disease and stroke compared to individuals of normal weight. It has not…

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Late-Life Physical Activity Associated with Healthy Aging Even among the Previously Inactive
, Physical activity

Studies have shown that mid-life physical activity has been associated with better overall health of individuals at older ages. However, the impact of taking up…

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Nut Consumption Associated with Decreased Risk of Death
, Health & Wellness

Nut consumption has previously been associated with a reduced risk of a number of major chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes,…

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Reduction in Stroke Deaths Associated with Greater Attention to High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Diabetes
, Health & Wellness

Since the early twentieth century, there has been a decline in stroke mortality in the United States, and recently this decline has become even stronger.…

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Exercise Intention, Sense of Control & Perceived Constraints in Older Adults with Osteoarthritis
, Aging & Wellness

Previous research has shown that exercise is an effective way of managing osteoarthritis for older adults. However, surveys also reveal that older adults with osteoarthritis…

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The Meaning of “Successful Aging” for a Diverse Population of Older Adults with Late-Life Disability
, Aging & Wellness

Researchers have defined a number of criteria related to the concept of “successful aging,” which usually include the absence of disease and disability, maintaining a…

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An Intervention for Adult Child Caregivers Results in Delay of Residential Care for Individuals with Dementia
, Caregiving

A recent study in the Gerontologist examined the impact of an intervention for adult child caregivers of persons with dementia on their placement in residential…

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New Technology for Pill Organizers Allows Wireless Remote Monitoring of Older Adults’ Medication Compliance
, Technology

For older adults taking medication, compliance with a physician’s recommended schedule for taking medicine is important for the drugs to succeed and to avoid complications.…

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Greater Life Expectancy in the United States Also Associated with More Quality Years of Life
, Aging & Wellness, Demographic Influences, Health & Wellness

Life expectancy has been steadily increasing in the United States, but it has been unclear how this longer life span impacts quality of life for…

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Using Self-Reports of Individuals with Dementia to Examine How the Experience of Dementia Affects Psychosocial Outcomes
, Operational Resources, Operations, Senior Housing

Most studies of the psychological and social outcomes associated with dementia have relied on reports given by caregivers and clinicians to describe the experiences of…

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Out-of-Pocket Health Care Spending in the Last Five Years of Life
, Development & Financing, Financing, Senior Housing

Although a key objective of Medicare is protecting the elderly from financial risk, little research has examined the financial impact of out-of-pocket health care expenditures…

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Influences on Caregivers’ Self-Perceived Ability to Provide Individualized Care

Individualized care (also referred to as person-centered care, consumer-directed care, and self-directed care) takes into account resident individuality, includes resident participation in decision-making processes, and…

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