Roscoe Nicholson

Home Monitoring Systems Being Developed for Fall Detection & Assessment of Fall Risk
, Technology

Researchers at the University of Missouri are working to develop and evaluate a mountable in-home system that can detect falls, as well as measure changes…

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Trait, Behavioral & Mental Health Influences on Cognitive Functioning
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness, Health & Wellness

Decreases in cognitive functioning are a major concern for the elderly and their caregivers, and many studies have investigated factors that may contribute to or…

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Early Neural Predictor of Cognitive Impairment
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness, Health & Wellness

Early neural predictors of cognitive impairment are important both for determining the biological causes of dementia and for identifying individuals at high risk for cognitive…

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Family Caregivers
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness, Health & Wellness

Providing care for a family member with dementia exerts a great deal of strain on a caregiver, and caregiving has been linked to a number…

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