Roscoe Nicholson

How Do Different Types of Leisure Affect Depressive Symptoms?

Participation in leisure activities has been shown to benefit the mental health of older adults, but it has not always been clear what mental health…

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Modifying Heart Health May Boost Brain Health
, Aging & Wellness

The American Heart Association has released an assessment tool called Life’s Simple 7 that focuses on modifiable health behaviors, which can be used to promote…

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How Levels of Engagement in Work, Volunteering & Caregiving Affect Well-Being
, Aging & Wellness, Caregiving

A recent study in The Gerontologist examined how psychological well-being is impacted by different types of engagement in productive activities, such as paid work, family…

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Does How You Retire Affect Your Satisfaction with Life?
, Aging & Wellness

There are a number of routes to retirement, both voluntary and involuntary, and involuntary retirement can be for either organizational or health reasons. Recently, researchers…

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It’s Never Too Late: Even Late-Life Physical Activity Can Reduce Dementia Risk
, Aging & Wellness

The Finnish Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Aging and Dementia (CAIDE) study had previously found that leisure-time physical activity in midlife was related to lower dementia risk…

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How Much Is Quality of Life Worth?
, Technology

With the worldwide growth of the older adult population, there have been numerous efforts to design and provide what have become known as quality of…

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Public Perception of Long-Term Care Spells Trouble
, Policy & Regulation

As long-term care becomes a growing public policy issue, having a clearer idea of the American public’s perception of policy options, finances, and information sources…

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A Peek at the Public’s Experiences & Expectations of Caregiving
, Caregiving

Recently, the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago and the Associated Press conducted their second major study on expectations surrounding ongoing living…

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Does Having a Sense of Purpose Affect Longevity?
, Health & Wellness, Resilience

Previous studies have led researchers to consider having a purpose in life as an indicator of healthy aging. One reason for this was the association…

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Does Culture Change Impact Quality of Care?
, Senior Housing

The focus of culture change models of care has been to improve the quality of life for residents, but the impact of culture change on…

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Can Benefits of Cognitive Training Last 10 Years?
, Aging & Wellness

Cognitive training has become increasingly popular for individuals looking to reduce cognitive decline in normal aging and to reduce their risk of dementia. But does…

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Stroke Survivors & Blood Pressure: Consistency Is Key
, Aging & Wellness, Technology

Although lowering blood pressure after a stroke has been known to reduce the risk for another stroke, a heart attack, and other vascular events, the…

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