social support

Non-Family Relationships May Be Increasingly Important in Aging
, General Aging Research

Previous research presented in aging in action suggests that a diverse social network, one that includes non-family, is associated with improved health, well-being, and access…

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Remarriage as Context for Dementia Caregiving
, Family Caregiving

Due to the growing population of older adults and high, sustained rate of divorce, repartnering in later life is expected to increase. Repartnering in older…

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Caregiving: Married Couples in AL & Their Adult Children
, Family Caregiving, Long-term Care

Marriage has many protective factors, including greater insurance against having to relocate to a long-term care (LTC) setting. However, some older married couples do move…

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Technology & Social Connections for Rural Older Adults
, Aging at Home

Researchers are exploring the use of laptop and table computers to enhance the social connectedness of older adults in rural South Australia. The researchers are…

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Positive Relationships That Support Older Adult Health and Well-being are Grounded in Midlife/Adolescent Family
, General Aging Research

Many studies conducted over the last 20 years demonstrate the importance of adult parent/child relationships on the health and well-being of parents in later life.…

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How Can Villages & Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities Support Aging in Place?
, Aging at Home

A recent article in the Journal of Aging Studies draws from the available research on the two most prominent community-focused models to promote aging in…

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Dietary Resilience: Eat Well to Age Well
, Health & Wellness, Resilience

Adequate nutrition is crucial for healthy aging. Older adulthood often brings many social and health changes that can make it difficult to sustain a healthy…

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Well-being & Social Networks Among Older Americans
, Health & Wellness

A published secondary analysis of the National Social Life, Health and Aging (NSHAP) project focused on the relationship of older Americans’ social networks with three…

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Fun & Games in Older Adults’ Online Communities
, Cognitive Health, General Aging Research

Older adults are usually overlooked in the online entertainment world; by and large, online gaming and entertainment is marketed to the adolescent and young adult…

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Rethinking Clinicians’ Understanding of Culture in Treating Older Adults
, Health & Wellness, Person Centered Care

A recent Journal of the American Geriatric Society article shows that, among the medical fields, an improved understanding of culture is particularly important in geriatrics.…

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