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Illinois Industry Salaries Revealed
, Senior Housing

Realizing the importance of salary survey information for senior living providers to build and maintain competitive pay structures for their employees, LeadingAge Illinois recently released…

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Why Turnover in Nursing Home Staff Matters
, Policy & Regulation

Although prior research on factors impacting quality indicators of resident outcomes in nursing homes has focused on nursing home staffing and skill mix, less attention…

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Using Self-Reports of Individuals with Dementia to Examine How the Experience of Dementia Affects Psychosocial Outcomes
, Operational Resources, Operations, Senior Housing

Most studies of the psychological and social outcomes associated with dementia have relied on reports given by caregivers and clinicians to describe the experiences of…

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How Do Medication Aides Affect Care Quality?
, Operational Resources, Senior Housing

Several states have allowed skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) to hire medication aides to administer medications to residents. Medication aides have less formal training than registered…

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Group Meetings Versus Home Visits

In a study comparing interventions designed to prevent loss of independence in activities of daily living among adults age 80 or better, Swedish researchers found…

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Nursing Home Administrative Policy and Environment May Reduce Falls Risk

A pilot study, recently presented in a report in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, provides useful initial findings for the use of nursing home (NH)…

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The State of Seniors Housing 2012
, Long-term Care, Operational Resources, Operations, Senior Housing

This research report on operational performance in seniors housing (collected in 2012 for performance results for the 12 months ending on 12/31/2011) includes data from…

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Hurricane Evacuation: Its Impact on Nursing Home Residents with Dementia

Natural disasters challenge any organization that must put evacuation plans in place to move those who are vulnerable. Recent research suggests that those with dementia…

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Financial Ratios and Trend Analysis: 2012 Report Suggests Operational Strengthening

The 20th publication of Financial Ratios & Trend Analysis of CARF-CCAC Accredited Communities suggests that accredited organizations have weathered the recent economic turbulence by keeping…

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2012 Seniors Housing & Care Journal: A Moneyball Approach to Seniors Housing Sales

As documented in Michael Lewis’ 2003 book Moneyball, Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane was famous for using overlooked evidence to project which players would…

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2012 Seniors Housing & Care Journal: Functional Independence & Satisfaction with Assisted Living
, Operational Resources, Operations, Senior Housing

Providers of assisted living (AL) serve residents by balancing their need for support and their desire for independence. It is important for AL providers to…

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2012 Seniors Housing & Care Journal: Resident Rights & the Census in Skilled Nursing Facilities

The decennial census (occurring every ten years) by the US Census Bureau provides crucial policy and planning information. It is important to incorporate the nursing…

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