Older Adults

Attitude Matters: Outlook on Aging Shapes Health Outcomes
, Aging & Wellness

Older adults approach the aging process with a wide range of beliefs and psychological defense mechanisms in place to combat the inevitable cognitive and physical…

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Senior Sextistics
, Health & Wellness, Jorie Stein, Sexuality & Aging, Social Relationships and Health

Believe it or not, in some circles, it’s still taboo to talk about sex. But it’s not hard to believe that there are basically no…

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The Positive Effects of Internet Usage in Older Adults
, Technology

New research suggests that time spent perusing the Internet may actually reduce the probability of depression in older adults by as much as 33 percent.…

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How Do Different Types of Leisure Affect Depressive Symptoms?
, Cognitive Health, Health & Wellness, Physical activity, Social Relationships and Health

Participation in leisure activities has been shown to benefit the mental health of older adults, but it has not always been clear what mental health…

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The More You Know: A PSA on How to Be a Wiser Consumer of Scientific Research
, Cognitive Health, General Aging Research, Guest Contributors, Health & Wellness, Jordan Stein, Older Adult Consumers

A recent study in Neurobiology of Aging attempted to further scientific understanding of how the aging process impacts the human capacity to empathize. While the…

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Reflections on Aging, Irony & Wisdom
, General Aging Research, Guest Contributors, Jordan Stein, Resilience

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”—Charlie Chaplin To paraphrase the wise comedian, life is ironic—a paradox that sometimes…

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Older Adults & Substance Abuse
, Health & Wellness

A recent review in Current Opinion in Psychiatry addressed the unique problems posed by substance abuse among older adults. In addition to describing the prevalence…

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Attitudes toward Older Patients among Physicians-in-Training
, Care Quality

With the aging of the US population, there may be a need for an increased number of geriatric doctors, and for more medical school education…

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The Challenge of Cognitive Assessment & Visual Impairment
, Cognitive Health, Health & Wellness

Cognitive tests are crucial for identifying and managing dementia. Despite the fact that visual impairment is common among older adults, there is little research on…

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Remarriage as Context for Dementia Caregiving
, Family Caregiving

Due to the growing population of older adults and high, sustained rate of divorce, repartnering in later life is expected to increase. Repartnering in older…

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Decreasing the Prevalence of Later-Life Depression
, Health & Wellness

Depression affects about one in ten older adults and is a leading cause of years of life lost due to its influence on other health…

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Rising Divorce among Middle-Aged and Older Adults
, Family Caregiving

With the highest divorce rate in the world, the United States has received rampant attention over the years—particularly in terms of how the process of…

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