Jordan Stein

Age Is in the Eye of the Perceiver

Assessing our external world and the people in it is a daily activity we all engage in to navigate the terrain of life. Little research,…

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“I Know the Face, but I Can't Remember the Name”: Insight into Facial Recognition & Memory Loss in Older Adults
, Cognitive Health, Jordan Stein, Jorie Stein

“I know the face, but I can’t remember the name,” is something we’ve all experienced before (i.e., recognition and remembrance of visual stimuli not syncing…

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Older Adults Who “Use It” by Volunteering Are Less Likely to “Lose It”
, Jordan Stein, Jorie Stein, Retirement, The Aging Workforce

The phrase “use it or lose it” has been uttered for years to humorously explain the physical and mental decline that can occur when individuals…

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Your Early Morning Caffeine Fix May Be Less Demented Than You Think
, Diet & Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Jordan Stein

Ever question your sanity after paying five dollars for a latte? Many of us have. Indeed, it’s not news to anyone that many adults cite…

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“When I Was Your Age. . .”: Benefits of Reminiscence & Storytelling

You may recall stories your parents told you about when they were growing up. One poignant story my dad loved to tell my sister and…

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The More You Know: A PSA on How to Be a Wiser Consumer of Scientific Research

A recent study in Neurobiology of Aging attempted to further scientific understanding of how the aging process impacts the human capacity to empathize. While the…

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Reflections on Aging, Irony & Wisdom

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”—Charlie Chaplin To paraphrase the wise comedian, life is ironic—a paradox that sometimes…

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Why Are Older Adults So Happy?
, Guest Contributors, Health & Wellness, Jordan Stein, Resilience

Their bodies and minds are slowly deteriorating, yet research consistently finds that older adults say they’re happier on average than people half their age. So,…

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