The Go4Life Campaign: Encouraging Daily Physical Activity
, Health & Wellness

The health benefits of daily physical activity are well-established, however, less than a quarter of older adults in the US regularly engage in it. For…

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Falls Risk Assessments and a Possible Link to Cognitive Health
, Cognitive Health, Falls Reduction

There are a few tests which are used to assess mobility and falls risk in older adults, such as the “Timed Up and Go” test…

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Age Strong: Natural Bodybuilding and Narratives of Aging
, Health & Wellness

The field of narrative gerontology examines how the aging experience is influenced by broader cultural stories, specifically those regarding growing older. Narrative gerontologists argue that,…

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Videogaming as a Diagnostic Tool for Fall Risk
, Health & Wellness

The Nintendo Wii, a videogame console that detects the user’s motion in gameplay, has been used in community centers and residences as a way to…

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Current research on falls prevention: the efficacy of falls reduction programs
, Falls Reduction, Health & Wellness, Newsworthy

Many recent research articles show that comprehensive assessment and prevention programs are useful ways to reduce falls and related injuries for older adults, in community,…

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