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Study Supports Tdap Vaccine for Older Adults

Pertussis (or whooping cough) has increased in prevalence in the United States over the last several years, and can be fatal for infants. Infants are…

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The Importance of Social Relations When Considering Older Consumers

Scholars in marketing and sociology have examined how the consumption of goods and services is a factor in how people construct their social identity. This…

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Pharmaceutical Policy for the Aging World Population

A recent opinion piece in the New England Journal of Medicine discusses a European strategy for appropriate research, marketing, and authorization for geriatric medicines. The…

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Nursing Homes in Print News Media: Mostly Negative Coverage

There is a perception that the public has generally negative views of nursing homes (NHs), which is likely to be influenced by their portrayal in…

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2012 Seniors Housing & Care Journal: Resident Rights & the Census in Skilled Nursing Facilities

The decennial census (occurring every ten years) by the US Census Bureau provides crucial policy and planning information. It is important to incorporate the nursing…

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Marcus & Millichap: 2012’s Second Half Report Suggests Favorable Investment Climate for Seniors Housing

Marcus & Millichap, the nation’s largest real estate investment firm, released its “Second Half 2012” seniors housing research report with key market highlights by level…

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California Report: Great Need, Insufficient Means for Long-Term Care

A survey of registered California voters age 40 and better found that just about half (49 percent) of respondents expect to need long-term care (LTC)…

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Fair Housing Compliance Guide - Charting The Way

This completely revised 24-page guide addresses the many issues related to compliance with the fair housing laws and ADA from the perspective of a seniors…

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Integrating Acute and Post-Acute Care

With U.S. health care costs escalating at rates that are deemed unsustainable, health care providers throughout the continuum of care, from physicians and hospitals to…

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The Aging Prison Population

The aging of the US population will have significant effects on health care and social services. Between 1990 and 2009 the population of older adults…

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Turn, Turn, Turn: A Circular Model for Culture Change Education

The group circle has not been a particularly fashionable structure for holding meetings between adults. In the U.S., sitting in a circle is chiefly reserved…

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Disaster Preparedness in Home-Care Agencies

An increasing number of older adults in the U.S. rely on home-care agencies for their medical needs and other personal care. Many of these individuals…

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