Get insights into a growing trend in Life Plan Communities

where residents expect transparency and a role in decision making

This new research report reveals how Life Plan Communities are responding to residents’ desire for transparency and engagement, related operational challenges and benefits, and best practices related to transparency and engagement.

Researchers conducted a survey of 279 individuals who manage Life Plan Communities, including executive directors, CEOs, and those in a multisite management role. Respondents shared not only the facts of how their communities share information with residents, but also gave recommendations and insights on the topic.

In this research report, you’ll learn:
  • the specific areas of resident interest regarding transparency and decision making
  • advantages and disadvantages of providing greater transparency and engagement
  • trends in resident involvement in community boards and committees
From this Research Report:

Respondents from larger communities were more likely to report increased resident satisfaction as an advantage [of providing greater transparency].

Download your copy of this Research Report: National Survey of Resident Expectations Regarding Transparency & Decision Making in Life Plan Communities