The Age Well Study Report:

Year 2 Findings

The second year of this unique, five-year longitudinal study takes a closer look at Life Plan Community resident wellness. It reveals new associations between specific personality traits and characteristics and residents’ healthy behaviors and overall health. Findings are based on responses from 5,777 residents from 122 Life Plan Communities across the nation.

This report reveals:
  • Residents with higher scores on personality traits of openness to experience and extroversion reported the highest levels of healthy behaviors.
  • Residents who form strong bonds within their community tend to have better overall health.
  • Key factors of resident wellness may be used to inform the development of programs and resources to support resident wellness.
From this Research Report:

Residents who reported higher levels of psychological/personal resources, such as optimism and positive perceptions of aging, tended to report more positive outcomes.

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Year 2 Findings

Learn associations between Life Plan Community residents’ individual characteristics and their healthy behaviors and overall health in this groundbreaking study.