positive psychology

Attitude Matters: Outlook on Aging Shapes Health Outcomes
, Aging & Wellness

Older adults approach the aging process with a wide range of beliefs and psychological defense mechanisms in place to combat the inevitable cognitive and physical…

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How-Tos for Savoring the Joys in Life
, Guest Contributors, Health & Wellness, Jennifer Smith, Resilience

How do you respond during positive experiences in your life? Sometimes, in the midst of a happy moment, we are already focused on the next…

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Reflections on Aging, Irony & Wisdom

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”—Charlie Chaplin To paraphrase the wise comedian, life is ironic—a paradox that sometimes…

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How Participation in Sports Influences the Experience of Aging
, Resilience

A study in the Journal of Aging Studies explores how participation in sports influences older adults’ understanding of age and aging. In particular, the study…

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Aging Well Despite Chronic Illness
, Health & Wellness, Resilience

Physical health is an important aspect of successful aging. However, given the fact that almost three-fourths of older adults in the United States have two…

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