Possible Breakthrough in the Study, Treatment of Hearing Loss
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness

Problems in the cochlea (a hollow spiral in the inner ear) are the cause of most individuals’ hearing loss. However, the exact cause of such…

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Pharmaceutical Policy for the Aging World Population
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness, Demographic Influences, Health & Wellness, Policy & Regulation, Policy, Regulation & News

A recent opinion piece in the New England Journal of Medicine discusses a European strategy for appropriate research, marketing, and authorization for geriatric medicines. The…

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The BRIGHTEN Program: An Electronic Networking Intervention Program for Interdisciplinary Geriatric Health Teams
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness, Health & Wellness

Thirty percent of older adults report depressive symptoms at primary care visits; however, many more may go undetected. Primary care physicians rarely have the time…

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Video Evidence of Falls in LTC: Loss of Balance, Tripping Cause More Falls than Slipping
, Aging & Wellness, Health & Wellness, Long-term Care, Operations, Senior Housing, Technology

Falls are the leading cause of injury for older adults, and about half of older adults in long-term care (LTC) experience a fall in any…

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2012 Seniors Housing & Care Journal: A Brief Intervention to Improve Psychological Fitness
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness, Health & Wellness

A pilot study involving 96 members of a retirement community tested the efficacy of a brief intervention to improve psychological skills in order to improve…

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A Review of Screening Tools for Early Detection of Dementia
, Operational Resources, Operations, Senior Housing

The early detection of dementia may have significant benefits, allowing individuals in the early stages of cognitive decline to make decisions for the future, or…

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Engaged as We Age
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness, Health & Wellness

Many of today’s older adults are re-inventing how they become or remain engaged with work, volunteer activities, education and other learning activities, and caregiving for…

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The Link Between Physical Health & Psychological Well-Being Among Recently Bereaved Spouses
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness, Health & Wellness

One of the most distressing of life events is experiencing the death of a spouse.  The health detriments associated with widowhood are well-documented. Surviving spouses…

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Current research on falls prevention: what are the influences and consequences of falls?
, Falls Reduction, Health & Wellness, Spotlight on Mather LifeWays

November provided abundant information about falls and falls reduction. Following is an overview of some recent publications on the prevalence, correlates, and consequences of falls.…

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