Health & Wellness

Successful Aging & the Importance of Psychological Health
, Cognitive Health

A study published in Health and Quality of Life Outcomes lends support to the notion that successful aging can be affected by more than physical…

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Study Raises Questions about Screening Older Adults for Mental Health at ER
, Cognitive Health

Psychiatric disorders often go underdiagnosed, particularly among older adults. Because of the difficulties in screening older adults for psychiatric disorders, whether through visits to primary…

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E-Health Promotion in the U.S. & the EU
, Electronic Health (e-Health), News Headlines

Many analysts argue that e-health not only holds promise as a means of making health care more affordable and broadly available, but that it also…

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Medication Beliefs & Adherence Among Older Adults: New Longitudinal Findings
, Care Quality, Health & Wellness

Previous studies of medication adherence have contributed important findings about the health behaviors of older adults. We know that medication adherence is more likely if…

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Updated Clinical Practice Guidelines for Fall Prevention
, Care Quality, Falls Reduction, Newsworthy

An article in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society summarizes the updated (2010) American Geriatrics Society/ British Geriatrics Society Clinical Practice Guideline for Prevention…

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Computer training, e-Health, and improved cognitive performance
, Cognitive Health, Electronic Health (e-Health), Health & Wellness

In much of the world, older adults have taken up computer and Internet use at a rapid pace, defying stereotypes and opening up multiple avenues…

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Current research on falls prevention: the efficacy of falls reduction programs
, Falls Reduction, Health & Wellness, Newsworthy

Many recent research articles show that comprehensive assessment and prevention programs are useful ways to reduce falls and related injuries for older adults, in community,…

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Relaxation and music: a short-term remedy for postoperative pain?
, Health & Wellness

According to a recent article in Nursing Research (Good et al. 2010), music may prove useful for managing post-operative pain. A study involved 517 participants…

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CARE Coaching Online Now Available: Communicate, Advocate, Relate, Encourage

Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging has announced a new online educational opportunity for caregivers: CARE Coaching Online. Developed by the Institute with the support of…

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