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Room for Improvement in Employers’ Health Care and Wellness Efforts

In light of the changes to the United States health care landscape as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the National Opinion Research…

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Home Care Agencies Vary Widely in Caregiver Hiring, Screening & Supervision
, Aging at Home, Care Quality, Caregiving

Home care agencies are often used to help older adults stay in their homes after physical or cognitive decline. In fact, home health aide work…

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Strategies for Dealing with Limited Health Literacy
, Care Quality

Health literacy is an important aspect of healthy aging and is associated with a vast array of health outcomes. Limited health literacy is likely a…

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Aging & Mental Health: Emerging Issues
, Cognitive Health, Health & Wellness

Mental illness often goes underdiagnosed and undertreated within the older adult population, and this is a growing concern as more Americans begin to join this…

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VA Study Suggests Older Adults Interested in E-Health
, Electronic Health (e-Health)

Past studies suggest older adults have been using the Internet more frequently as a source for health information. Surveys from the Pew Internet and American…

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Rethinking Clinicians’ Understanding of Culture in Treating Older Adults
, Health & Wellness, Person Centered Care

A recent Journal of the American Geriatric Society article shows that, among the medical fields, an improved understanding of culture is particularly important in geriatrics.…

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Encouraging Better Standards for Medication Use by Older Adults
, Health & Wellness, Person Centered Care

The Journal of the American Medical Association features two pieces that address medication use among older adults. One is a commentary by Dr. Jerry Avorn,…

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Relaxation and music: a short-term remedy for postoperative pain?
, Health & Wellness

According to a recent article in Nursing Research (Good et al. 2010), music may prove useful for managing post-operative pain. A study involved 517 participants…

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