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Self-Efficacy & Healthy Weight Loss
, Health & Wellness

Healthy weight loss is one of the best ways that overweight adults can reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease and other illness. Many factors influence…

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Well-being & Social Networks Among Older Americans
, Health & Wellness

A published secondary analysis of the National Social Life, Health and Aging (NSHAP) project focused on the relationship of older Americans’ social networks with three…

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Coping with Regret in Adulthood
, Resilience

A study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin revealed a new link between older adults’ ability to effectively cope with regrets and engaging in…

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Unmarried Cohabitating Partners: A Growing Caregiver Population
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness, Demographic Influences

As the population of older adults in need of care continues to rise, more informal care work is provided by family and friends. Evidence has…

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It's Not Too Late to Register: 2011 Wellness Webinars
, Uncategorized

It’s not too late to register for our 2011 Wellness Webinar Series! Upcoming webinars include subjects like trends in wellness studies and programs, exercise, architecture, and…

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Person-Centered Care May Contribute to Job Satisfaction
, Culture Transformation, Operational Resources, Policy & Regulation, Senior Housing

Many studies have shown the benefits of person-centered care for long-term care residents. By emphasizing the value of the patient’s feelings and sense of self…

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Physical Activity for Individuals Eighty & Older: Barriers & Motivators
, Gender and Aging

Physical activity is an important contributor to long-term well-being, one that tends to decrease as we age. An Ageing Research Reviews article summarizes the last…

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Study Demonstrates Effectiveness of Online Support Groups for Caregivers
, Caregiving, Operational Resources, Senior Housing

As the prevalence of dementia increases, so does the prevalence of unpaid caregiving, as family members need to assume caregiving roles with their loved ones.…

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Videogaming as a Diagnostic Tool for Fall Risk
, Health & Wellness

The Nintendo Wii, a videogame console that detects the user’s motion in gameplay, has been used in community centers and residences as a way to…

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The Evidence-Practice Gap: Drug Trials & Older Patients
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness, Research Methodology & Theory

Older adults are underrepresented as subjects in drug trial, and this is particularly true for older adults with chronic disease, who represent a rapidly growing…

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Successful Aging & the Importance of Psychological Health
, Cognitive Health

A study published in Health and Quality of Life Outcomes lends support to the notion that successful aging can be affected by more than physical…

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Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging 2011 Wellness Webinars Series
, Spotlight on Mather LifeWays, Uncategorized

Senior living residences are focusing increasingly on resident and staff wellness as a way to not only improve the well-being of residents and staff but…

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