Help older adults improve their resilience and psychological well-being

through savoring positive experiences

This research report explores the effects of a one-week intervention on increasing older adults’ ability to savor positive experiences—as well as on reducing their tendencies toward resisting savoring—and assesses the impact of the intervention on participants’ resilience and psychological well-being. The report also includes simple recommendations for applying these findings to help older adults within a senior living community.

In this research report, you’ll learn:
  • how to design an intervention that helps build greater resilience through an increase in positive emotions
  • the statistically significant relationship between changes in savoring ability and post-intervention resilience
  • what factors should be considered in programs designed to enhance adults’ positive emotions
From this research report:

People who report greater happiness display better immune system functioning. Happier people also tend to have stronger social support networks and greater relationship satisfaction.

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Enhancing Resilience by Savoring Positive Experiences