Help older adults increase happiness

by savoring positive experiences

Research shows us that happier people tend to report having better physical health, greater psychological well-being, more fulfilling relationships, and a deeper sense of purpose. Fortunately, you can increase your happiness by savoring positive experiences. The act of savoring enhances your ability to find joy. That’s because it increases your mindfulness and appreciation of positive experiences. Here are 10 savoring strategies (plus a bonus strategy) you can start using today to boost your happiness!

In this fact sheet, you’ll learn:
  • how helping older adults set specific, achievable goals can improve their happiness
  • how to make the end of the day more memorable for older adults
From this fact sheet:

Regularly schedule uninterrupted time to focus on a hobby or learn a new skill. Actively search for things that bring out joy, awe, curiosity, or contentment.

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