social factors

What Factors Affect a Widow or Widower's Risk of Death?
, Aging & Wellness

Widowhood has been known to increase the probability of dying for the surviving spouse, but many questions remain about the reasons for this greater risk…

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Influences on Caregivers’ Self-Perceived Ability to Provide Individualized Care

Individualized care (also referred to as person-centered care, consumer-directed care, and self-directed care) takes into account resident individuality, includes resident participation in decision-making processes, and…

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Engaged as We Age
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness, Health & Wellness

Many of today’s older adults are re-inventing how they become or remain engaged with work, volunteer activities, education and other learning activities, and caregiving for…

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The Link Between Physical Health & Psychological Well-Being Among Recently Bereaved Spouses
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness, Health & Wellness

One of the most distressing of life events is experiencing the death of a spouse.  The health detriments associated with widowhood are well-documented. Surviving spouses…

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AAHSA Ziegler 100: 2008 Results

The release of the 2009 AAHSA Ziegler 100 (AZ 100) report coincides with one of the most challenging economic environments senior living providers have faced…

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