Expert Consensus on the Benefits of Physical Activity
, Health & Wellness

It’s clear that being physically active has a variety of benefits for older adults, however, it’s less clear which specific types of activity are most…

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The Go4Life Campaign: Encouraging Daily Physical Activity
, Health & Wellness

The health benefits of daily physical activity are well-established, however, less than a quarter of older adults in the US regularly engage in it. For…

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Using YouTube for Reminiscence Therapy (RT)
, Caregiving, Electronic Health (e-Health)

Reminiscence Therapy (RT) is a popular psychosocial intervention used with dementia patients enacted in a group setting. RT involves discussion of past experiences, often facilitated…

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Self-Efficacy & Healthy Weight Loss
, Health & Wellness

Healthy weight loss is one of the best ways that overweight adults can reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease and other illness. Many factors influence…

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Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging 2011 Wellness Webinars Series
, Spotlight on Mather LifeWays, Uncategorized

Senior living residences are focusing increasingly on resident and staff wellness as a way to not only improve the well-being of residents and staff but…

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Current research on falls prevention: what are the influences and consequences of falls?
, Falls Reduction, Health & Wellness, Spotlight on Mather LifeWays

November provided abundant information about falls and falls reduction. Following is an overview of some recent publications on the prevalence, correlates, and consequences of falls.…

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