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Older Adults & Substance Abuse
, Health & Wellness

A recent review in Current Opinion in Psychiatry addressed the unique problems posed by substance abuse among older adults. In addition to describing the prevalence…

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A Closer Examination of the Increased Risk for Coronary Heart Disease & Stroke among the Overweight & Obese
, Uncategorized

Being obese or overweight has been associated with greater risk of coronary heart disease and stroke compared to individuals of normal weight. It has not…

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Diabetes & Cognitive Decline
, Cognitive Health, Health & Wellness

Around one-fourth of older adults in the US has diabetes mellitus (DM). It has been hypothesized that DM may contribute to cognitive decline and dementia,…

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Predicting Hearing Loss
, Cognitive Health, Health & Wellness

Large-scale studies on the development of age-related hearing loss (ARHL) have identified several conditions that often co-occur with ARHL, such as falls and cognitive decline.…

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Aging Well Despite Chronic Illness
, Health & Wellness, Resilience

Physical health is an important aspect of successful aging. However, given the fact that almost three-fourths of older adults in the United States have two…

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Social Activity Associated with Decreased Risk for Disability in Later Life
, Health & Wellness

Social activity has been associated with lower rates of disability among older adults, but there has been a dearth of longitudinal or other data to…

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Social Support, Self-Care and Depression
, Cognitive Health, General Aging Research, Health & Wellness

Older adults face increasing risk of being unable to perform basic self-care tasks, also called activities of daily living (ADLs). ADL limitations affect older adults’…

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Mental Health Care & Older Adults: Unmet Needs & Attitudes Toward Care
, Care Quality, Cognitive Health

Mental health services are underutilized by older adults, particularly in relation to the prevalence of depressive and anxious symptoms among this population (see our earlier post…

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