recognizing innovative
approaches to serving
older adults

Mather Institute is committed to recognizing organizations that strive to serve older adults in original and exciting ways. Our Promising Practices Awards highlight organizations working with older adults in a variety of settings that are moving away from conventional practices by developing and implementing innovative approaches. Eligible programs for this award include those that introduce new and exciting practices in serving older adults as well as those that provide unique improvements and advances in existing services. We will start accepting entries for the next Promising Practices Awards beginning in March of 2020.

2018 Promising Practices Honorees

Award Recipients

  • Elder Care Alliance
    Employing the Arts to Reduce Bias & Isolation Surrounding Dementia
  • Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing
    Connecting Older Adults to Smart Home Technology
  • Presbyterian Villages of Michigan
    Collaborating on Creating a Neighborhood for Vulnerable Older Adults
  • Iona Senior Services
    Providing a Roadmap to Aging Well for LGTBQ Older Adults

Honorable Mentions

  • Bayview
    Changing the Public’s Perspectives of Aging
  • Covia
    Doubling Down on Keeping Older Adults Connected
  • Geriatric Care Services, Inc
    Shedding Light on How Adults with Low Vision Can Maintain Independence
  • Oak Hammock at the University of Florida
    Filling a Need for Dental Care in Senior Housing
  • Plymouth Place Senior Living
    Squaring Off against Parkinson’s with a Unique Boxing Program
  • Seniors Independent Living Collaborative
    Building an Information Infrastructure for Smart Home Technology
  • Sherbrooke Community Centre
    Teaching by Design: Creating a True Intergenerational Classroom

Explore some creative and innovative programs that earned Promising Practices Awards in 2018. Award recipients include an agency that created an arts program to combat social isolation and bias surrounding those with dementia, and a senior living provider that’s being smart about using smart home technology in independent and assisted living.

In this industry report, you’ll learn:
  • New programs developed by other organizations that have positive outcomes for older adults
  • Try It Yourself tips for adopting the practice
  • Tactical Takeaways to help plant seeds for your own innovation

Download your copy of this Industry Report: Innovation at Work 2018

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