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An opportunity to recognize important breakthroughs in aging services

Mather Institute created the Innovative Research on Aging Awards to recognize excellent applied research that offers important implications for the aging services industry and inspires next practices.

2019 Gold Award

Speaking to Stereotypes: Shifting Bias toward Aging with Framed Messaging

FrameWorks Institute
Daniel Busso, PhD
Andrew Volmert, PhD
Nat Kendall-Taylor, PhD

In the United States, ageism is a pervasive societal problem. Common negative ageist stereotypes shape behavior toward, and expectations about, older adults, and when internalized, impact older adults’ own well-being and self-concept. This study suggests that by applying a set of positively framed messages, it’s possible to reframe people’s attitude toward the aging process and older adults.

2019 Silver Award Recipients

Quick Thinking

Pumping the Brakes on Cognitive Decline in Independent & Assisted Living Residents

Reprogramming Person-Centered Care

Leveraging Data Analytics to Streamline Cumbersome Q&A

Exercising Intelligence

Negating Genetic Risk of Alzheimer’s with Physical Activity

2019 Bronze Award Recipients

Harnessing Technology

Hosting a Virtual Care Farm to Address Loneliness

Moving Motivation

Pinpointing What Prompts Older Adults to Exercise

Redefining Wellness

Improving Wellness Models Used with Older Adults

Spreading Gossip

Demonstrating How Gossip Builds Connections among Older Adults Vulnerable to Isolation

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Entry Guidelines:

Researchers and authors who have peer-reviewed journal articles published between March 2019 and March 2020 are invited to apply. This includes articles published online ahead of print.  The research must be applicable to a relevant area, including:

  • supporting the senior living workforce
  • technological advancements for older adults
  • programs that support health and well-being of senior living residents
  • aging in place

Evaluation Criteria:

Applicants will be evaluated based on:

  • quality of research
  • actionable research findings and recommendations
  • relevance to important problems in the senior living industry
  • innovation

Monetary Awards:

The gold award winner will receive $2,000; up to four silver awards will each receive $1,000; and up to five bronze awards will each receive $500.

Entries will be accepted beginning in February 2020



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