Learn how employees can maintain a consistent positive demeanor and improve their emotional health, as well as overall employee retention

This research report explores the strategies that frontline employees use to maintain a consistent positive demeanor, and explains which strategy is best for employees’ emotional health and, by extension, overall employee engagement and retention. The report also includes an overview for how employees can be trained to exhibit positive emotions consistently in a way that is healthy for them.

In this research report, you’ll learn:
  • how an employee’s deeper feelings affect how they empathize with other individuals
  • key takeaways on how to support employee engagement, retention, and staff satisfaction
  • positive action your organization can take in order to train staff on ways to engage with residents
From this research report:

Findings indicated that frontline staff tend to support organizational expectations that they present a positive countenance to residents and do not express negative feelings. The skill of using deep acting techniques can be increased with proper training and practice.

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Engagement and Emotional Labor in Frontline Senior Living Employees