Life Lessons and How to Savor Them

Learn how older adults who relay and savor their own “life lessons” benefit from enhanced positive perceptions of aging.

Previous research has shown that positive perceptions of aging are associated with more favorable outcomes in the future. Researchers set out to reinforce positive perceptions in an intervention that had participants write about and reflect upon valuable life lessons that they learned as they grew older.

In this research report, you’ll learn:
  • an overview of how positive perceptions of aging affect physical and mental health
  • how to instruct older adults to savor their own life lessons
  • how to incorporate the practice of savoring life lessons into wellness programming and other activities in senior living communities
From this Research Report:

Savoring life lessons led to an increase in perceptions of aging as a time of psychological growth as well as to an increase in life satisfaction. A focus on savoring life lessons could be a positive, low-cost addition to existing senior living programs.

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Creating Positive Perceptions of Aging in Older Adults

Learn how investigators were able to enhance older adults’ perceptions of aging by asking them to savor “life lessons” that they learned as they grew older.