Roscoe Nicholson

Rich Man, Poor Man: How Does a Positive Attitude toward Aging Affect Different Economic Groups?
, Aging & Wellness

Previous research on aging has shown that positive attitudes toward aging can have multiple benefits for health and well-being, but it has not been clear…

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Tickled Pink: How Pink Noise Improves Older Adults’ Sleep & Memory
, Technology

Researchers are continuing to explore the relationship between sleep and cognition in older adults. (For example, see here.) Recently, researchers examined one potential technology for…

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TRENDING NOW: Common Technology Use within Senior Living
, Technology, Trending Now

The most widely used resident care technologies in the senior living industry, according to the recent ASHA Senior Living Technology Report, are emergency response systems…

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When Volunteers Vamoose: Why Older Adults Stop Volunteering
, Aging & Wellness

Volunteering by older adults not only provides important societal benefits, but has also been shown to have positive impacts on the health of those who…

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Setting the Record Straight: Debunking Harmful Myths about Aging
, Aging & Wellness

Ageism, inaccurate media portrayals, and lack of adequate education on aging all combine to produce a number of misconceptions about aging. In light of the…

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