Say Cheese! AI App Uses Selfies for Health Diagnostics

Adding to the technological toolbox is a new app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate health diagnostics―and all it needs is a smile from the user! This new app, called Together, helps measure vitals and manage care regimens for aging adults through selfies from their phone cameras.

Although more apps are in the pipeline, the Together app is the first to record blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels by using imaging (i.e., selfies) for those specific functions. The app can detect these health functions based on the changes in the color of the subject’s skin. In addition, the app helps with medication reminders and refills by allowing the older adult to just scan the label on the prescription bottle. The app can then detect all medication information, including doctor’s contact information, should the user need that detail.

Creators of the Together app believe that this facial-recognition-based detection can be more accurate and informative than standard diagnostic approaches. However, the creators caution that, as with all AI technology, privacy and security are ethical problems that need more consideration and oversight.


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Dorman, A. (2023). New AI app uses ‘selfies’ to generate health diagnostics. McKnight’s Senior Living.


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