TRENDING NOW: A Tech-Enabled Multigenerational Living Experience

McKnight’s Senior Living is reporting on a first-of-its-kind tech design of living quarters for older adults. A renovated World War I mansion, Werner House, is now open to anyone interested in the concept of aging in place. The mansion is technology-enabled, and it is based on a multigenerational social experiment. The design expert behind this senior living mansion, Lisa M. Cini, gained inspiration from her own aging loved ones who had inadvertently created a multigenerational aging-in-place social experiment in their own home. This inspired Cini to create an Airbnb rental kind of home where people can experience choices for high quality aging in place.

Cini tells McKnight’s Senior Living that the goal of the Werner House is to allow people to experience real innovation, and to tailor aging to their own individual needs. Cini believes the innovation put into this house is what makes it unique. The house includes kitchens and bathrooms with height-adjustable countertops, sinks, cabinets, toilets; circadian lighting in every room; and smart flooring that alerts staff to guests falling while turning on the lights when their feet hit the floor. There is also an age-friendly spa with saunas, and hot and cold pools designed to increase circulation and reduce joint pain.

Cini ends by saying that this mansion is designed to be a ‘soul space’ ─ a place where all guests can feel at home through the engaging design. She also hopes to reproduce these types of homes across the country.

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Bonvissuto, K. (2022, March 29). First-of-its-kind tech, design showcase highlights future of senior living. McKnight’s Senior Living. Retrieved from

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