TRENDING NOW: Cohousing Options for Older Adults

An emerging housing model is being presented to older adults as an alternative to standard housing. Newsday reports on a trend that may affect people in states like Florida. This housing model is known as senior cohousing, where older adults would still live in individual homes like condominiums but would have shared common areas such as a kitchen, where they can have communal meals and ample opportunity for socializing.


The founders of this cohousing community project took inspiration from the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, they took note of the importance of social support during difficult times, especially for older adults who may be prone to higher levels of isolation. This cohousing project offers a combination of independence and socialization by enacting features like a shared common place, kitchen, and even divvied up chores such as meal prep, because shared meals are encouraged.


The cohousing community project founders continue to discuss the barriers to a community like this: affordability and independence. As of now, this model of cohousing will be intended for older adults who are fairly independent, since there are no health care facilities on-site. Affordability is kept front of mind, and the community condos will be sold at market value to hopefully ease the affordability barriers.





Critchfield, H. (2021). Cohousing project aims to fight loneliness among older adults. Newsday.


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