TRENDING NOW: TV Talent Show Showcases Older Adults On- and Off-Screen

A new trend in the realm of entertainment is sweeping across televisions around the country. McKnight’s Senior Living reports on a streaming service designed for older adults by older adults, which has now created a talent series called Silver Stars. The talent series is similar in nature to shows like America’s Got Talent, except Silver Stars’ participants must be 65 or better to qualify for the show; the show asserts that its focus is on older adults and their unique skills and gifts. The talent show is also hoping to change stereotypes of aging by involving older adults in all of the aspects of filming, on and off camera.

Founder Jerry Goehring, a producer with more than 30 years of experience in Broadway shows, wanted an original show to celebrate the talent of many older adults, especially after a year of COVID-19, when many still feel socially disconnected and isolated. The show offers multiple facets for socializing: during the show, participants have an opportunity to work with other older adults on developing a performance, while also interacting with Broadway pros to enhance their skills. In the closing portion of the talent show, the participants have an opportunity to perform on stage with others.

The talent show opened the door for older adults to create content, produce it, film it, as well as act it out. Silver Stars will soon be one of many series on Saltbox TV, as three more scripted series are currently being produced. All will be offering the exciting opportunity to showcase older adults’ stories, talents, skills, and gifts on live television for millions to witness.


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