TRENDING NOW: Older Adults Turn to Virtual Jobs for Extra Income during Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to contribute to a tight economy, older adults are creatively finding alternative ways to get out of economic woes, as The Oakland Press reports. Older adults are responding to the times; some are moving their employment search online, while others have had to switch to online platforms to maintain their employment. Some popular virtual employment opportunities are in the fields of learning/well-being, language, customer service, administration, and academia.

In terms of learning/well-being, online classes are becoming more and more popular across all ages. Older adults are finding employment instructing some of these classes, in topics ranging from life skills, yoga, and cooking, to fitness. Customer service jobs are “the hottest job on our site right now” says Brie Reynolds, a manager at FlexJobs, a website that connects older adults with online employment. Older adults are able to work at these jobs by phone, email, and online chat. This popular trend has them finding employment editing documents, or, if they are fluent in another language, they can earn $25 to 40+ an hour in the high-demand field of translating. Administrative jobs include being a virtual assistant, working from home and providing clerical support to businesses. Some of their tasks involve data entry, social media management, event planning, etc. Lastly, older adults can delve into the field of academia and became online tutors. This is becoming especially helpful for parents who are struggling with helping children who are learning from home.

The ability to adjust to difficult times and make the most out of severe economic turmoil further emphasizes the resilience of older adults. As the economy continues to face an uphill battle with an uncertain future, it is likely that more and more older adults will turn to virtual side jobs as a way to earn an income during COVID-19.


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Kaszubski D. Older adults turn to virtual side jobs as a way to earn extra cash during COVID-19. The Oakland Press. Updated September 8, 2020. Accessed October 9, 2020.

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