TRENDING NOW: Social Media Trending as Platform for Fighting Ageism

The California government’s Commission on Aging is joining the fight against ageism and unrealistic portrayals of aging. As part of their “Hollywood Takes: On Aging” campaign, the Commission has recently launched a Twitter account and the hashtag #WiseUpOnAging (

The aim of this campaign is to encourage the entertainment industry to come up with television shows and movies that show more “authentic, non-stereotypic storylines and portrayals of older adults.” This initiative includes authorities in the entertainment and aging fields, with the aim of coming up with strategies to promote informed and accurate portrayals of aging for the benefit of both Hollywood and society overall.

Some examples of the campaign’s Tweets to date include “The only predictable things about aging are that it’s inevitable and unpredictable,” and “Some of us just have more experience. So Hollywood, please don’t patronize, marginalize or stereotype,” and “Older and younger generations seem like oil and vinegar—two elements whose utility improves once equitably blended.”

This initiative addresses two main issues: the need for more frequent and accurate content featuring older adults, and the economic potential of such content in light of the number and wealth of older consumers.

This campaign joins other efforts such as the #DisruptAging and #MaximizeMomentumAsWeAge, which take the fight against ageism into the world of social media and hashtags.

SOURCES: Accessed September 11, 2018.

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