TRENDING NOW: Skilled Nursing Homes Striving for a Comeback

A recent McKnight’s column titled “The Evolution of Nursing Homes” examines the changing world of skilled nursing homes and how many are convinced that this is no longer a dwindling sector.

The article discusses that many within the senior living industry have shifted away from developing skilled nursing communities for a number of reasons. For example, the author mentions how for-profit clients believe it would be too difficult to find operators who can be successful by only narrowing in on the sector of skilled nursing. This idea that it would be difficult to be profitable within the field of skilled nursing comes from the uncertainty of how long residents would require care and if the residents would be able to afford that care. The article mentions that the changing legislation around health care and Medicare exacerbates this uncertainty because of the lack of future financial planning.

However, the author remains optimistic that skilled nursing can be relevant and profitable. For example, smaller companies are offering nonresidents different forms of physical therapy to connect with the larger surrounding community, and many providers are moving toward a private-pay model, which would help dilute the cost of some of the skilled nursing services.

Skilled nursing facilities are changing their marketing appeal in an attempt to disperse the concerns within the senior living industry and to meet the medical needs of residents.

Berg R. The evolution of nursing homes. McKnight’s. September 29, 2016.  Accessed October 20, 2016.

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