TRENDING NOW: How Aging Baby Boomers, Diversity Are Changing Assisted Living

Recently, Bankrate published an online article titled Latest Trends in Assisted Living Facilities. The article examines how the senior living industry is changing to accommodate the diverse needs and wants of aging baby boomers.

The article discusses that assisted living programs are implementing new features within their walls as an attempt to meet the needs of a variety of older adults. This includes “niche housing”, which is housing that can be tailored to the needs of a specific cultural group. An example is Aegis Gardens in California, which is tailored to the needs of Asian older adults, with bilingual staff, Asian architecture, and cultural activities. Other retirement communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire are linking education and housing for older adults, so that residents can take college classes and fitness programs at a liberal arts school nearby.

However, the article flags a potential scam called greenwashing. This is where businesses (including retirement communities) falsely claim to be eco-friendly because the appeal is in high demand in recent years. The article advises to be proactive in your eco-friendly research and ask questions about water usage, appliances, and other eco-friendly quality standards.

Assisted living facilities are changing their marketing appeal in an attempt to meet more needs for more groups of older adults, all with the goal and intent to let older adults experience retirement.



Schwartz SK. Latest trends in assisted living facilities. Accessed September 30, 2016.


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