TRENDING NOW: Cohousing Developments Offer Unique Option for Aging in Place

Cohousing communities are taking off in British Columbia as a way to encourage positive aging. One recently completed community called Harbourside Cohousing is built on the site of a former fishing lodge and comprises 31 apartments and duplexes

The residents of Harbourside Cohousing did not know each other before moving in, but they all had one goal: they wanted to live among a community of people who could actively rely on one another as they age. This idea was so enticing that all 31 units were sold before construction began.

Cohousing residents all have private residences with kitchens, but also have plenty of common spaces available. Shared amenities include a common building with a kitchen and dining space and a boardwalk that leads to the water, where residents are able to dock their boats. One of the main goals for the common space is to actively combat the social isolation that older adults often encounter.

Interest in cohousing developments is expanding throughout British Columbia. As many as 10 more cohousing developments are already in the works in the province. With both access to privacy in your personal residence, and social interaction in the community spaces, cohousing has gained the attention of many, and many more communities are expected to be built in the near future.


Thomas M. Cohousing developments that promote ‘aging in place’ catching on in B.C. CBC News. Accessed April 19, 2016.

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