TRENDING NOW: Technology Platform Used to Age in Place More Safely

Samsung is piloting a technology platform to enable older adults to age in their homes more safely and for a longer period of time. The pilot features the newly developed Holly Smart Home Platform. The Holly Smart Home Platform works together with Samsung’s SmartThings platform and sensors, and a central computer, to track and communicate with the user. The crux of this technology lies in a computer that receives information from sensors located in participants’ homes and communicates with them using speakers located throughout the home.

The sensors will be able to detect motion, temperature, vibration, and humidity throughout the home. The Holly Project will take place in Australia and will last for six weeks as the older adults’ habits are tracked through the technology platform.

During the six weeks, Holly will become accustomed to the regular habits of the individuals, while also looking for irregular situations that are areas for concern. Should the system detect an abnormal situation, it will verbally alert the individual. Participants will be able to notify the system of the all-clear through a programmed movement; otherwise, the system will notify the registered emergency contacts.

Following the six-week pilot, the Holly Smart Home platform will be shut off in the homes, and participants will report whether they miss the system. Additionally, each user’s well-being will be analyzed individually post-pilot. With the use of technology similar to that of a self-driving car, the Holly Smart Home platform seeks to understand an individual’s habits and monitor their well-being.


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