2012 Seniors Housing & Care Journal: Factors Associated with LTC Planning

Survey research suggests that most adults do not plan ahead for long-term care (LTC) or understand the range of available LTC options. However, there is a lack of empirical research on LTC preparations among middle-aged adults. This article presents the findings of a survey of randomly selected households in Virginia that included adults age 40 and above.  The survey asked about demographic information, health information, and respondents’ knowledge of and planning for LTC and other aging services. In their analysis the authors found that, in addition to health and functional factors, greater knowledge of LTC was associated with greater planning for LTC among respondents between the ages of 40 to 64. Health and functional factors were not associated with greater LTC planning among those 65 and better, but LTC knowledge, female gender, and age were associated with LTC planning in this older adult sample.


Temple A and Cockley DE. Factors associated with long-term care planning among middle-aged and older adults.  Seniors Housing & Care Journal; (2012). 20(1).

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